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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Books You Will Like to Possess

Authentic, High Quality and High Value Adding Books Suggested for Your Personal, Professional and Organization's Libraries (eBooks and printed books of the titles given below are available online from Amazon)

kindleunlimited, KOLL and Amazon Prime subscribers can read the eBook (digital) version of the following books entirely free

Business Management, Life Management, Self-help, Personality Development
  1. HSoftware (Human Software) (The Only Key to Higher Effectiveness) 
  2. Sensitive Stories of Corporate World (Management Case Studies) 
  3. Sensitive Stories of Corporate World (Volume 2) (Management Case Studies) 
  4. Classic Management Games, Exercises, Energizers and Icebreakers 
  5. Classic Management Games, Exercises, Energizers and Icebreakers (Volume 2)
  6. Classic Team Building Management Games, Exercises, Energizers and Icebreakers
  7. 101 Classic Management Games, Exercises, Energizers and Icebreakers (available only as a paperback)
  8. Stress? No Way!! (Handbook on Stress Management) 
  9. HSoftware (Shyam Bhatawdekar’s Effectiveness Model) 
  10. Competency Management (Competency Matrix and Competencies) 
  11. Essentials of Work Study (Method Study and Work Measurement) 
  12. Essentials of Time Management (Taking Control of Your Life) 
  13. Essentials of 5S Housekeeping 
  14. Essentials of Quality Circles 
  15. Essentials of Goal Setting 
  16. Essentials of Anger Management 
  17. Essentials of Assertive Behavior
  18. Essentials of Performance Management and Performance Appraisal
  19. Essentials of Effective Communication
  20. Health Essentials (Health is Wealth)
  21. Soft Skills You Can't Do Without (Goal Setting, Time Management, Assertiveness and Anger Management)
  22. The Romance of Intimacy (How to Enhance Intimacy in a Relationship?) 
Novels, Short Stories, Biographies and Travelogues
  1. Good People (Dream of a Boundary Less World)- Novel, a refreshingly different love story (Also available under the title Love Knows No Bounds) 
  2. The Peace Crusaders- a most intriguing novel
  3. Two Novels in One Book (The Peace Crusaders and Love Knows No Bounds)
  4. Funny (and Not So Funny) Short Stories 
  5. Stories Children Will Love (Volume 1: Bhanu-Shanu-Kaju-Biju and Dholu Ram Gadbad Singh) 
  6. My Father (Biography)
  7. Travelogue: Scandinavia, Russia
  8. Travelogue: Europe 

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